One way to keep up with popular trends is to take a look at what celebrities are up to. I can't say they always know what is best, and I would never recommend doing anything because someone famous endorses it, but I can safely argue that celeb lifestyles receive a lot of attention! 

When it comes to healthy cosmetics, I am very excited to see what celebrities are saying. They are not experts, but its nice to know there are some famous faces out there advertising for a healthier world. 

Take Alicia Silverstone for example. She has been leading a Kind life, which means being actively leaner and greener in all daily endeavors. I am not sure if she is responsible for coining the term Kind, but I will give her credit for getting a clue! ...haha bad joke. Take a look at her quirky plug for Gabriel Cosmetics' Clean Kid Kit, taken from her OpenSky profile:
Yes, she seems a bit goofy but aren't most of us health nuts a little...well, nuts? 

Another leading female advocate for Kind living is Jessica Alba. She has teamed up with Chrisopher Gavigan, founder of Healthy Child Healthy World bring an honestly pure line of baby care products to a family near you. The Honest Co. strives to be just that - a company with healthy products and nothing to hide.
Celebs with a conscious are worth listening to, and since their voices reach millions of people it is great when they have something positive to share. Hopefully this trend of consciousness will continue to educate the masses...who knows, maybe BabyLove will get a sponsor of its own. Hey Beyonce, care to get on board with our project? We could use your help!

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