Happy hump day! I hope your week is treating you well. Its always nice when work has its rewards, and for BabyLove we're beginning to see our hard work really pay off. We've been busy uncovering the latest in skincare and are excited to share our thoughts on some sample kits we received this week. 
To get a firsthand look at beauty sampling we decided to order boxes from some popular providers. Today we received our October packages from Beauty Army, Ipsy and Green Grab Bag. Our roommates peeped over our shoulders and chimed in with (jealous) ooh and aahs as we opened the boxes. 
Beauty Army's products arrived in a chic pink box that, to our surprise, is recyclable! We are always excited about companies who incorporate elements of sustainability. But Beauty Army's eco-conscious doesn't stop there. Upon closer examination of the products and a little bit of research into their ingredient composition, we found that all of these cosmetics are formulated naturally. In fact, most of the brands Beauty Army offers are all natural. Good looking out!
Ipsy had clever packaging as well. The magenta sleeve is a nice touch, and although plastic is no friend to the environment, we appreciated their material-minimalist approach. Instead of the more wasteful box-inside-of-another-box-stuffed-with-tissue-and-wrapping packaging style we usually see, Ipsy simplified their design with one external envelope and a cute makeup bag to house the products. We applaud re-usability and are taking notes for our own sample kit design. 
Last but certainly not least, Green Grab Bag delivered quite the cosmetic surprise. Everything included in their package is simply mouth watering. Coconut hazelnut sugar scrub, dark chocolate body butter, wild ginger alaea salt scrub...these products are supposed to go ON your body right? Well I guess they are probably healthy enough to eat too, but I wouldn't go that far. 

Another product that impressed me in this bag was Beeseline, a beeswax take on Vaseline which is a petroleum jelly product. I can't wait to let my mom try this out and hopefully break her Vaseline habit! 

Thank you fellow samplers! We applaud your work.

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