Over the weekend, I participated in my very first 10K race in the 2012 Race for the Rescues in Pasadena, CA.  In addition to solving environmental problems, pet adoption is something I’m VERY passionate about! It was a great morning – who doesn’t love a grassy lawn full of doggies?! My pups were very excited to get out and be social, and even participated in the 1K dogwalk with my parents.

That’s Gizmo on my leg, and Lucky not paying attention (pre-race)

I ran a good personal time, and did everything I could to prep for the race – from weekly training runs and a good diet to the right breakfast that morning and appropriate clothes/bodycare. Now, I mention bodycare because that is something many people may not think about – but I’ve learned through experience that wearing hairspray, lotion, or even sunscreen can cause MUCH discomfort during a run! When the products inevitably run down my forehead and into my eyes or mouth, I’m forced to endure burning eyes (a condition I lamented about last week) or a bitter taste.

All those chemicals not only inhibit my running but are very likely inhibiting my health as well! I don’t know about you all, but navigating the ingredient labels and monstrous selection of products at stores is overwhelming, and unavoidably, SOME harsh chemicals make their way into my bodycare regimen. **SIGHHHH**

There’s just sooooo maaannnyyyyy options!

BUT – there may be hope! Read on to hear about some promising developments for regulating the chemicals in consumer products…and MORE! (you know, In Case You Missed It)

·         In a recent blog post, Greenbiz.com announced California’s release of the nation’s first comprehensive approach to reducing toxics in consumer products – read more about the Safer Consumer Products proposed regulation hereLegislation is slow, but slow progress is still progress!

·         This article from Greatist.com does a fabulous job of briefly describing some of the dangers in several cosmetic products and practices…and appropriately citing its sources. There are few things better than a well-cited article.

·         For any Eco-Nerds out there, check out the SXSW Eco site to find out what happened at this Eco-tastic convention. They had an ECO HACKATHON! 

·         Sometimes, bedsheets can make or break a bedroom. Treehugger lists several organic options that are as luxurious as they are eco-conscious. If only I could afford those Turkish sheets…*sigh*

·         A recent study linking Mercury to ADHD development is especially worrisome given that the Greatist.com article also lists Mercury content of skin creams as a cosmetic danger – and mentions that its adverse effects can be experienced through second-hand exposure.  Better read those ingredient labels!

·         The Pregnancy Fitness article off the Huffpost Healthy Living site describes the commitment of some celebrity moms to health during pregnancy.  A fitness DVD program donates $5 per item sold to Christy Turlington’s advocacy project Every Mother CountsFamous moms staying fit…well, it’s better than the tabloids.

That’s this week’s roundup. Have a great week! Stay safe, stay healthy!

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