Summer might be officially over, but this current heatwave has kept the sun out in FULL force. I pretty much melted biking to class today...

Growing up with nicknames like Casper, Snow White, and just "pale", applying sunscreen is now actually an involuntary muscle contraction. As I rubbed in my Neutrogena face sunscreen (SPF 50+) this morning, I rather clumsily got some in my eye. The ensuing BURN got me thinking (and crying) - what is in this stuff?

Naturally, I took to the interwebs, and ended up at the Environmental Working Group (EWG) website's 2012 Sunscreen Guide and turns out my daily sunscreen is............ 

While I didn't delve deep into the science of this score, I did learn it exceeds the 0-2 "safe range" and that there are what EWG considers "healthier" options out there (lower scores = better performance).

Now here's the In Case You Missed It Monday Montage of recent skincare and sustainability stuff from around the interwebs:

  • As I referred to above, the EWG SkinDeep 2012 Sunscreen Guide provides consumers with a "Hall of Shame" that profiles some of the sunscreen industry's worst offenders. Tsk, tsk. 
  • The Sustainable Cosmetics Summit in Paris next month will for the first time cover the impact of technology on the cosmetics industry. Read more hereI wish I was going to this...
It's funny how one Google query can turn into a multiple-hour internet exploration, isn't it?


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